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"Tomahawk Community Thrift Shop is a nonprofit thrift shop providing good quality used merchandise at affordable prices. Proceeds will be given to nonprofit local and community organizations/groups in need of financial assistance."

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to the various federally recognized charities in the Tomahawk area by offering grants. Area federally recognized non-profits are asked to file a Grant Request form with the TCTS Board of Directors, stating the non-profit organization’s operating structure including federal 501 status, mission, demonstration of need, and fiscal responsibility. Upon board approval, qualified non-profits will share in 75% of the Tomahawk Community Thrift Shop net operating profits. These net profits will be dispersed at a minimum of one time a year.

Downtown Tomahawk Wisconsin

About us:

Tomahawk Community Thrift Shop (TCTS) operates a non-profit thrift store with the guidance of a board of directors under Wisconsin Corporate law. TCTS offers donated household goods, clothing and furniture at reasonable resale prices to the public. Our staff is volunteer only, including the shop director and board members.

In depth explanation of the Tomahawk Community Thrift Shop Purpose:

Our Tomahawk Community Thrift Shop, Inc. (TCTS) is a nonprofit store in which a minimum of 75% of its profits are given to other nonprofit charities in the area. Our shop will continue to seek merchandise donations to sell in the shop that will be staffed by nonpaid volunteers and overseen by its 10-member board of directors. The women who originated the idea to our area were volunteers at a like organization who has been very successful in helping their community. We now want to help our community.

TCTS feels our organization, which helps smaller organizations who petition for our profits, will be able to help over 1,000 people annually. These men, women and children who are down on their luck will be greatly impacted both sociably and economically. We thank you very much for your kind consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.


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